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Professor Steve Hyzny

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Hi Welcome to Instructor Network.

The purpose of this site is to find resources on teaching and computer networking. This site is for my students to use to assist them in school and beyond. There are resources and information on many topics but mostly computer networking which is my area of expertise.

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Teaching Philosophy for Technical Subjects

Steve Hyzny

I spent a large part of my early career moving between teaching and working in the business world. It is from this crossing of two worlds that my philosophy has emerged.

I believe in a strong foundation for any education. In the technical fields itís a very important concept that is often overlooked for newer technologies or shortcuts. Having started in programming in college and then joining the business world in the infancy of computer networking I have developed a solid understanding of the foundational concepts of the industry.

From a solid foundation of knowledge students can extrapolate ideas and concepts to apply to emerging and new technologies. With technology moving faster then education, providing the students with a solid foundation that they can apply to new technologies gives them the ability to adapt to the ever changing landscape. If the student is just provided the knowledge to jump into the latest technology they will struggle to adapt when the technology changes. Providing them with a solid foundation of the technology and an understanding of how and why it works, they will be better able to adapt when the landscape moves forward.

I started with a solid foundation and have seen an industry grow. I myself have adapted from Novell Networks to Microsoft and applied and basic principles to move form one to the other. I moved from software to hardware, from servers and users to infrastructure. I have applied this principle in certification training and adapted to the industry as it has moved to degree based instruction. It is from a solid foundation great monuments are built.

Having crossed in and out of the worlds of education and business I have taken lessons learned into each. Into my educational world I have taken the philosophy of applying knowledge in practical environments. As a student progresses and moves toward exiting to the business world, they should receive the skills to apply their knowledge in that world. They should have practical experience in a business format as part of their education. When I first entered into networking information was passed down from experienced masters to apprentices. The role of experienced master has been passed from the business world to education. Students gain from the experience instructors bring into the classroom to prepare them to be productive employees. Businesses expect a basic level of skills in technical employees. Technical certifications are starting to reflect practical skills as well as factual knowledge. Todayís technical education should also reflect both.

A solid foundation of knowledge and practical experience philosophy has helped me achieve my goal in life to pass on my knowledge and experience as an instructor. Many past students have succeeded in achieving their goals, which lead me to believe I am following the right path.

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